Amsterdam Centrum

Mauritskade 3 - Amsterdam


Our newest location at Mauritskade 3 is near Weesperplein, in the city centre. From here, you’ll be on the canals within 5 minutes and therefore it is the best way to start your trip through the old city centre.

We are easy to reach with public transport and bike, and if parking costs are no problem you can always come by car. The tram and metro stop at Weesperplein, from which you can see our boats directly.

 Please take a leaflet with you during your trip, on which you’ll find a map with routes, sailing rules and instructions. You can find these leaflets on the bike, with the flag of Adam’s Boats!

Amsterdam E-harbour

Daniël Goedkoopstraat 1


Jachthaven (Marina) E-Harbour – Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1 t.o. – is conveniently located between the centre of Amsterdam and beautiful nature. We are open daily from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm.

 The marina is easily accessible by subway via subway stop Spaklerweg stop, subway stop Over Amstel , train (train stop Amsterdam Amstel), bike and car. Moreover, your car can be parked at favorable rates at Willem Fenengastraat, Daniel Goedkoopstraat or Abram Dudok van Heelstraat. Paid parking is until 19:00 and free on weekends.

 You can recognize the entrance to the flagpoles with the name of the marina.