If you hire a boat from us, you are not bound by anything. You will make a one-time online reservation and pay €45 per hour. An hour is over before you realise it; therefore, the minimal time for hiring a boat is two hours. You will pay a deposit of €150 in cash before you begin your trip. This deposit will be paid back to you upon your return.


€45 an hour for everyone!

€45,- per hour
for everyone!

+ €150 deposit 


Changing a reservation

Is the date you reserved no longer convenient? You may change it to a different day free of charge. If you wish to cancel your reservation, you can either contact us by phone or e-mail. A cancellation fee of 25% of the rental sum will be deducted if you cancel up to 48 hours before your trip. If your trip is within 48 hours, we offer a credit for your trip.


Add time

You can always add more time to your reservation. Log in or click on the link in your reservation confirmation. It only takes a few clicks to reserve your boat for a longer period. If you need any assistance during your trip, you can always give us a call.



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