Sailing routes Amsterdam

Sailing in Amsterdam is a fantastic experience for the young, the old, the tourist, student and of course the citizens of Amsterdam itself! The canals of Amsterdam are truly magic. If you choose to sail during the heat of the summer, enjoying a cold drink in the sunlight or decide to go sailing during winter time, when all the houses and streets are lighted in the dark. Adam gives you the best rental deal in Amsterdam. You can rent a boat for €45,- per hour, and decide which parts of Amsterdam you would like to visit yourself. However, something deciding a route can be quite difficult, so Adam made two beautiful routes for you to discover!


From Mauritskade and from the E-Harbour, Adam has made two routes

The route of three hours will navigate you through the old historic city centre. Sailing over Herengracht and Prinsengracht will let you see the typical Dutch “Herenhuizen”, a fantastic view of our historic centre from the best view point: the canals of Amsterdam.

A two hour sailing trip is perfect for a round about the east side of the city centre. You will sail past Artis, Amsterdam’s Zoo, so please say hi to the elephants with regards from Adam! Also, you will sail though the waters of the Plantage neighborhood. A beautiful, green and more quiet part of the city of Amsterdam.


Decide your own route

You can actually just sail your own route, and sail wherever you want to sail. However, there are some places which are forbidden to sail into. Therefore, we will hand you a map with all the sailing waters in Amsterdam. This map can also be found in your booking confirmation, so make sure to check it on forehand.

Special days and routes

Are you interested in sailing on a spacial day like Kingsday of during the Canal Pride? During these events, special sailing routes are obligated. Please get in contact with us for a reservation for a boat during these days. You can also check out our event page first!